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Our Tax Preparation Services can help clients in filing timely and accurate Tax Returns without burdening themselves at the last date of Return Filing. Our team has plenty of experience and knowledge regarding the US taxation Rules and Regulations.

Every firm has a responsibility to pay taxes on time. Additionally, depending on the size and type of your business as well as your familiarity with the local tax laws, submitting your taxes can become a time-consuming task. Our tax preparation services can assist clients in timely and accurately filing their tax returns without overburdening themselves on the last day to file or putting excessive stress on themselves. We can assist your company at every step of the way in submitting tax returns and avoiding any potential fines because we have a wealth of experience and information about US tax laws and regulations.

Our Team Specializes In The Following Fields:

  • Sales & Use Tax Returns Preparation
  • Payroll Tax Returns Preparation
  • Business Tax Return Preparation (1065,1120,1120S,)
  • Personal Tax Return Preparation (1040,1040A,1040EZ)

Basic Tax Software Used

  • Drake :
  • Intuit Proseries :
  • CCH :
  • UltraTax :
  • Lacerte :
  • TurboTax : 

We support CPAs and EAs in providing individual and business clients with tax preparation services. Our team has more than 7 years of combined expertise preparing US taxes. By freeing up your company’s resources to focus on higher-value client solutions and achieve a more ideal work-life balance, our CPA tax preparation services can increase productivity and profitability, leading to improved employee and client satisfaction.

By gathering all sales and service receipts from your company and subtracting any instalment payments or other payments made during the year, we may assist you in preparing sales and use tax returns. There is frequently confusion between the two types while completing sales and use tax returns. The use tax is assessed when the sales tax was not assessed at the time and if a corporation plans to use or consume products or services outside of the state. The use tax is assessed on all retail sales and transactions. We need to confirm that you have all of the sales receipts and are submitting your sales tax returns using the correct form, even if your company does not have any sales receipts any taxable sales over the accounting period.

We understand the necessity of having to enter a significant amount of data for each employee when preparing payroll tax forms. To assist you in recording the hours worked, pay periods, and proper salary compensation by taking into account any health insurance or other payments, we employ a methodical approach together with the most up-to-date tools and technology. When filing payroll tax returns, it’s crucial to follow the correct state regulations and determine whether you’re also entitled to file other tax returns, such as federal and state unemployment tax reports. Our team has the knowledge to guarantee that your payroll tax filing runs without a hitch and that your company abides by all laws and regulations established by your state.

It takes a lot of time and effort to file corporate and business tax returns. We can assist you at every stage of the process, from adhering to the proper federal regulations, utilising the correct forms, to examining and accurately reporting all income from your company activities while taking into account all allowable deductions. In order to get started, we will use the appropriate forms based on the type of corporation. A portion of the expenses, such as depreciation, cost of goods sold, and other office and property expenses, will be subtracted from the total amount of your expenses, dividends, profits, and losses over the period. Here, it’s crucial to take into account additional relevant costs like social security and health-related charges.

We may also assist sole proprietors and other individuals with filing their personal tax returns. When filing for this tax, it’s critical to understand the self-employment tax return for small business owners. If you have a commercial relationship with another person, you can also apply for a qualifying joint venture based on the number of shares each team member owns. Our tax advisers are available to assist you throughout the filing process to help you determine the appropriate tax regulations.

Our team is knowledgeable and committed to making the tax return filing process as simple as possible. Based on the structure of your firm, we may assist you in identifying pertinent taxes and calculating all pertinent expenses so that you can accurately and promptly complete your annual corporate or personal tax return.