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At Sunpact Connect, we think that data security is the most private matter for both individuals and the company. We therefore ensure the security and confidentiality of the private information of our clients.

Sunpact Connect – Competent Reliable Service Provider

  • 32 MONTHS


  • 25+ TEAM SIZE



Security Measures Taken By Sunpact At Glance

Security Coverage: At all entry and exit points, there are trained security personnel on duty 24 hours a day to protect the CRSP Connect office.

Complete CCTV Surveillance: Using biometrics, personnel and management can control all entry and exit points.

Biometric Door Access: Only the personnel and management are permitted entry to the office via the biometric.

No use of electronic or media devices is permitted within the office. This includes cell phones, cameras, USB drives, floppy drives, CD drives, and more. Before entering the office, employees can leave their belongings in their personal locker outside the work area.

In-house, very secure FTP server: We only work on our own, extremely secure server over RDP.

We use thin clients: Staff members are given dual-screen thin clients so they can connect in to our server directly. We have set up a workspace on the server with a user ID and password for each employee. The employees must use their IDs to log into the system. Which is being logged and reviewed from time to time.

Paperless Office: In order to increase security, we strictly prohibit the usage of pens, pencils, papers, and notepads. Every person has a dual screen setup, and our network doesn’t have a printer.

We have Sophosfirewall protection for all incoming and outgoing data while using a firewall.

Malware and antivirus protection is provided by Quick Heal on the server end.

Data encryption protects against data misuse in the case that unintentional data leaking occurs.

As A Company We Know The Importance Of Data Security And We Are Always Committed To Keep It Secure.